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Random Thoughts About Whatever Comes to Mind

Should Writers Tweet?

I'll admit it. I've had a circuitous experience with Twitter. An early user, I dropped the first account, as I found myself doing a particularly lazy version of those airline passengers who call those waiting at the terminal to tell them the plane has landed, then call them again to say they're getting their carry-on from the overhead, then call them again to say they're standing in line to de-plane, etc., etc., boring etc. Shortly afterwards, I started tweeting again as a way of keeping in touch with a couple of friends who'd moved away, a substitute for the texting I could no longer use because there's no signal in the high mountain valley where I now live. After that exchange died out (which took about 2 days), I didn't bother to cancel the account, but I didn't tweet for three years.  Read More 
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