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Whither Editorial Professionalism?

So, okay, let me clarify what I mean by "editorial professionalism." In the context of this post, it refers to a presentation of content that does not distract from the writer's ability to communicate to the reader the intended information, atmosphere, emotion, etc.

Editorial professionalism is determined by specific actions throughout the entire writing continuum from the first draft all the way through to output.

What are the causes of editorial unprofessionalism? The most basic is either carelessness or ignorance on the part of the writer. The second is the sometimes confusing result of grammar- and spell-checking capabilities resident in most full-featured word-processing programs. The third derives from bad composition habits due to the widespread use of communications systems that reward brevity above all other virtues. The fourth is a failure on the part of the publishing house to provide competent editorial support. The fifth relates to glitches in programs that convert publication files into the eBook universe. Read More 
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