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Random Thoughts About Whatever Comes to Mind

The Awesomeness of Subject Matter Experts!

As a consultant who's been privileged to work on many major projects for Fortune 50 companies, I'm always impressed by what SMEs bring to the table in addition to their primary field of expertise.

I've just had another example of that little miracle in the person of Ken Cohen, professional voiceover talent who narrated and produced the audiobook format of The Japanese Tea Ceremony and the Shoguns, my overview of the political and cultural evolution of cha-no-yu.

I knew Ken was an excellent interpreter of the material. What I didn't know was that he's a photographer as well, one moreover who personally enjoys the setting and accouterments of the tea ceremony. Fortunately, he lives in Philadelphia, home to Shofuso Japanese House and Garden and so can visit that lovely and evocative place whenever he likes. That fortuitous circumstance meant that the Dropbox folder Ken and I share was recently filled with images of Shofuso. To see some of them, check out my Twitter account @lindahewitt. While you're at it, go to http://www.japanesehouse.org to see what Shofuso's all about. It has an interesting backstory.
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