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Still Love Audiobooks!

My great book-to-audiobook adventure via ACX began nine months ago. It's a pleasure to report that I am now responsible for four audiobook titles live on Audible, iTunes and Amazon.com. First was Elisabeth Gray's interesting rendition of Christmas and the Other Grandmother, recalling a memorable day I spent with my father's mother, going to her large family's annual holiday dinner. Next came No Instructions Needed, Charles Kahlenberg's evocative reading of my husband Robert's vignettes of the toys and pastimes of his boyhood. Next to appear was Suzie Vail's warm yet businesslike narration of Networking for the Career-Minded Student. Now, hot from the postproduction suite, is Ken Cohen's fresh and intuitive read of The Japanese Tea Ceremony and the Shoguns.

Working with Elisabeth, Chas, Suzie, and Ken has been a pleasurably creative experience, one I'd highly recommend to other authors. Apart from anything else, hearing your words interpreted by a professional is enlightening.

ACX is a great connecting point for rights holders and narrators. It also provides a lot of information for authors who'd like to do their own narration. Its in-production support is excellent. As a bonus, it provides twenty-five credits to use for promotional purposes. Based on my experience, I'd highly recommend any rights-holding author interested in seeing his or her book turned into audio to check it out.

If you'd like to learn more about ACX, how to get the most from the ACX process, and why it's such a bargain, check out (shameless plug follows) my recent title From Book to Audiobook: An Author's Guide to ACX.

Whether you check out my book or not, however, do check out the site. We owe it to our work to get it in as many formats as possible, and producing an audiobook in the traditional manner isn't financially feasible for most of us.
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