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Random Thoughts About Whatever Comes to Mind

Fascinated with Audiobooks!

In September I heard about ACX's program to facilitate turning books into audiobooks. At once I went to it and posted several projects. One audiobook - Christmas and the Other Grandmother - is already live on Audible.com. A second - No Instructions Needed - is about to enter ACX's quality-review process prior to going on sale. The third - Networking for the Career-Minded Student - is due in late January.

Along the way, I became so fascinated by the process that I decided to write about it, and the result is going live on Amazon as I write this. The title is From Book to Audiobook: An Author's Guide to ACX. You'll find the link to the Amazon product page for the Kindle version in the Quick Links of this site. There's also a print version.

As someone who's been involved with audiovisual production for years, I have to say that for anyone who's ever thought about turning his or her book into an audiobook, ACX represents an amazing opportunity. Its orderly process makes it possible for those who know nothing about A/V to end up with a highly professional end product - and at a predictable cost, or no cost depending on the options chosen.

It will be interesting to see if other authors without my A/V background have as positive an experience with ACX.
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