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Random Thoughts About Whatever Comes to Mind

Thank You, Mr. Jobs

Steve Jobs has scaled back his role at Apple. The move wasn’t unexpected. Even so, Apple shares have taken a huge hit after the closing, most likely to rebound if not tomorrow then the next day or the next.

Most accounts say that – contrary to management and leadership fads prevailing during the decades that Jobs has played a major role in the transformation of tech – the man is a micro-manager of the most precise sort. All I can say is that, if this is what it takes to accomplish what his organizations have done, let’s hope Tim Cook knows how to use the same kind of corporate magnifier to keep a close eye on the ongoing Apple enterprise.

Ironically, I just found myself on the Apple site to order a replacement for the iPod Classic that chose today to expire. It’s a tribute to Jobs that this device has become so ubiquitous, at least in my life, that I did not even consider doing without or replacing it with anything else. Much as I love my iPad2, it’s not going to hold 160GB of music, books, videos, etc. As for the cloud, it’s no good when you’re on the road and speeding in and out of range. So a new iPod Classic will soon be on its way.

On the Apple site, I looked at the array of products that have emerged in the last few years from Jobs’ well-stocked Apple think tank. Each has made what I do easier, more efficient, more fun or just plain better. Thank you, Mr. Jobs.
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