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Random Thoughts About Whatever Comes to Mind

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substackofficiallogo.png  Welcome to Linda Loves Tea!, my three-times-a-week newsletter with lots of art and photographs because for those into art the life not pictured is not fully lived.


Monday's newsletter will be about whatever is on my mind at the start of a new week. Wednesday's will be the next episode in what's going on with life and love 743 years from now on a distant planet peopled by exiles from a post-apocalyptic Earth. Friday's will sort out interesting stuff that's come up during the week.




Click anywhere in this paragraph to come on over and check it out.  Try a subscription - there's no risk. Subscriptions to all issues are free through March 2021. Subscriptions to all Monday issues will always be free.

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Dr. Johnson and Tea

Did you know that Dr. Johnson of Dictionary fame drank pots of hot tea each day? Maybe it was the tannin that prompted all the words!
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