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Successful Patient: Step-By-Step Strategies To Get The Health Care You Need

Twelve steps anyone can take to get the best from the U.S. health care system, whether patient or advocate. The book covers each stage of the typical patient experience, with tips on what to do: in advance of need; when symptoms develop; when you go to the doctor; when you get a diagnosis,;when you must make care decisions; when you go to the hospital; when you go home; when drug therapy is prescribed; when physical and/or mental therapy is recommended; if something goes wrong; if the silver bullet misses its mark; and when assessing and maintaining your health-care strategy. There's a separate section on "the money thing" that summarizes some of the issues you may encounter as you pay - or prepare to pay - for health care. There's another section on how the revolution the health-care industry is undergoing will change patient care and how to get ready for it. Finally, in the Appendices, there's a list of acronyms used in the book (get ready for a LOT of acronyms), as well as a selection of useful resources. The goal of the book is to help you get the health care you need to get well and stay well with a minimum of unpleasant surprises along the way.