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American Health Care Today And Its Providers

Here's a non-technical overview of the American health-care system today and its providers that covers a wide range of industry-related issues in twenty-four topic-specific chapters. Where we get health care. Who provides it. What it costs and who pays. Why it costs so much in the U.S. Who regulates, influences and legislates it. Its scope and nature. Medical advances and miracles. Medical and system failures. Medical error. Outcomes. Why the health-care system sometimes seems as if it's set up to benefit everyone but patients. What's causing the revolution in health care and how the changing times are affecting doctors, nurses, and hospitals. What the changes in health care and its delivery will mean for the patient experience. With a list of acronyms and over 400 online resources, complete with URL information.

The aim of the book is to deliver a lot of current information in a succinct format - roughly 75,000 words - that makes it easy to access a specific topic.