From Book to Audiobook: An Author's Guide to ACX

Is Audio Your Next Step As An Author?

Audio is definitely a hot topic, one that many authors are seriously considering.

Maybe you’re one of those authors.

Maybe you’ve read the studies about how many people listen to audiobooks when reading would be difficult or impossible. Maybe you’ve noticed that hearing learners prefer entertainment or information in spoken form. Maybe you enjoy audiobooks yourself. Maybe you’re intrigued by WhisperSync for Voice, Amazon’s new offering that allows readers to switch back and forth between Kindle and audio versions of a book without losing their place.

Maybe you’re tired of feeling invisible, your book buried among millions of Kindle titles, all seeking (and few achieving) the infinitely desirable, mysteriously elusive “discoverability,” that magic quality that lets people who might actually buy your book know that it exists. Maybe you think that being one of 150,000-plus in the bookstore is preferable to your current “lost in the Amazon” status. Maybe you see that adding the audio dimension increases the chances that your book will be noticed by more of your potential audience.

Maybe – and most importantly – you’re convinced your book needs and deserves its own audiobook. Maybe you finally got around to writing that great story you’ve had in your head all those years and can’t wait to hear it brought to life by a gifted performer. Maybe you’re a businessperson and wrote your book to enhance your professional image, in which case having the book available in audio form gives you another avenue of presentation for your capabilities and achievements. Maybe, whatever your motive for writing it, you think that your book will make an entertaining audiobook, its approach strong enough to give a narrator something that he or she can make even more interesting, the actor’s talent enhancing the value of your work, be it fiction or nonfiction.

Maybe the only reason you haven’t already turned your book into an audiobook is that, unless you’re an audiovisual professional, doing it on your own can be not only an intimidating technical process but also full of financial uncertainty.

If any of that sounds familiar, then you are already on the way to considering audiobooks as the logical progression in your evolution as a professional author.

Are audiobooks the right next step for you?

Read From Book to Audiobook: An Author’s Guide to ACX by Linda Hewitt, an award-winning writer and producer of audio and video materials, for answers to many of the questions that occur to any author making “the audio decision.” You’ll consider the kinds of books that make good audiobooks. You’ll meet the company whose process you’ll be using and get a close look at every step of that process, including choices you can make along the way that affect how you sign up, select those with whom you work and determine distribution options. You’ll learn about up-front costs (if any), royalties, time frames, and quality of the finished audiobook. You'll even get a glimpse of what it takes to narrate the book yourself.

Looking for a way to jumpstart your entry into the world of audiobooks? This is a good place to begin.