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Successful Patient Book Trailer

January 21, 2017

Tags: Ken Cohen, book trailer, Successful Patient, UNCHealth, Chapel Hill, Dr. Matthew G. Ewend, Dr. Kevin D. Brown, Neurosurgery, ENT

The Successful Patient book trailer is up, and Ken Cohen's voiceover is terrific! After hearing his Bartleby (yep, the Melville Bartleby), we knew he was the only one who could keep it light enough, and he more than came through.Kudos also to Holly Hill Production for a fun piece.

You can check out the trailer on the SuccessfulPatient.com website - click the link at the bottom of THE BOOK column to go to the grid where it's located about halfway down above the Table of Contents, and also on Vimeo. Links to both the website and to Vimeo are in the sidebar content.

I'm still working away on the book, and (more…)

Mindfulness and Tea Drinking

September 17, 2014

Tags: Ken Cohen, tea podcast, audiobooks, Japanese Tea Ceremony and the Shoguns, podcasts, afternoon tea, tea drinking

It's always interesting to find a new perspective on an old topic, and for me there are few topics older than tea. Being Southern, I grew up in a culture where iced tea was the go-to beverage, the colder the better. My mother, however, was a lover of hot tea, and she introduced me (more…)

The Awesomeness of Subject Matter Experts!

June 11, 2014

Tags: Ken Cohen, audiobook narrator, voiceover talent, Japanese Tea Ceremony and the Shoguns, Shofuso in Philadelphia PA, good work experiences

As a consultant who's been privileged to work on many major projects for Fortune 50 companies, I'm always impressed by what SMEs bring to the table in addition to their primary field of expertise.

I've just had another example of that little miracle in the person of Ken Cohen, professional voiceover talent who narrated and (more…)

Still Love Audiobooks!

June 9, 2014

Tags: book-to-audiobook, audiobook narrators, ACX, Elisabeth Gray, Charles Kahlenberg, Suzie Vail, Ken Cohen

My great book-to-audiobook adventure via ACX began nine months ago. It's a pleasure to report that I am now responsible for four audiobook titles live on Audible, iTunes and Amazon.com. First was Elisabeth Gray's interesting rendition of Christmas and the Other Grandmother, recalling a memorable day I spent with my father's mother, going to her large family's annual holiday dinner. Next came No Instructions Needed, Charles Kahlenberg's evocative reading of my husband Robert's vignettes of the toys and pastimes of his boyhood. Next to appear was Suzie Vail's warm yet businesslike narration of Networking for the Career-Minded Student. Now, hot from the postproduction suite, is Ken Cohen's fresh and intuitive read of The Japanese Tea Ceremony and the Shoguns.

Working with Elisabeth, Chas, Suzie, and Ken has been a pleasurably creative experience, one I'd highly recommend to other authors. Apart from anything else, hearing your words interpreted by a professional is enlightening.

ACX is a great connecting point for rights holders and narrators. (more…)