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Successful Patient Book Trailer

January 21, 2017

Tags: Ken Cohen, book trailer, Successful Patient, UNCHealth, Chapel Hill, Dr. Matthew G. Ewend, Dr. Kevin D. Brown, Neurosurgery, ENT

The Successful Patient book trailer is up, and Ken Cohen's voiceover is terrific! After hearing his Bartleby (yep, the Melville Bartleby), we knew he was the only one who could keep it light enough, and he more than came through.Kudos also to Holly Hill Production for a fun piece.

You can check out the trailer on the SuccessfulPatient.com website - click the link at the bottom of THE BOOK column to go to the grid where it's located about halfway down above the Table of Contents, and also on Vimeo. Links to both the website and to Vimeo are in the sidebar content.

I'm still working away on the book, and (more…)