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A missing teenager. A troubled cold-case sleuth. A twenty-year-old mystery never resolved. Art Dodger, Savannah-based artist, isn't too impressed at first by the story of Danielle Standridge's disappearance twenty years before. He accepts that she's gone. That someone else caused her absence by no means strikes him as certain. Fifteen-year-old girls do all sorts of odd and unexplained things, then and now. Still, in Dodger's experience, which is considerable, when a girl as good-looking as Danielle manages to stay missing forth decades, it usually doesn't bode well.
Jen and Jamie, lifelong friends, start an antiques business and immediately face what it is about retail that makes strong men weep and strong woman wail. The series will be published in short stories of approximately 6-7,000 words each that can be read independently or as part of an overriding story arc.
A work of fantasy, redemption, friendship, and romance that travels in time between 2008 and colonial Pennsylvania just before the American Revolution.
Originally drunk as an aid to the meditation demanded by Zen Buddhism, tea became the basis for the Japanese Tea Ceremony, or cha-no-yu. Its intellectual and spiritual underpinnings quickly evolved into a formal ceremony used by Japanese political leaders to further their aims, with schools of devotees adhering to different styles. This title provides a tight overview of this evolution and its significance for Japanese culture and society.
A concise study of how the politically and culturally divided state of Georgia came to initiate and build one of the most successful of the internal-improvement projects of nineteenth-century America.
A detailed examination of how the author can turn books into audiobooks through Audible ACX.
A study of cross-cultural influences on English furniture of the 18th century.
A guide for students on how to use systematic networking to improve their occupational outlook.


Linda Hewitt, a native of Alabama, attended Birmingham-Southern College, the University of Alabama, and Georgia State University. She holds a B.A. and M.A. in Financial History. She began writing when she was three--her first work was a notebook of observations about her grandparentsí home. She edited various school newspapers in grade school, high school, and college, and wrote her graduate thesis on the political and economic implications of German Reparations stipulated in treaties following the First World War. With her husband Robert, she was partner in Hewitt & Hewitt, Inc., an Atlanta public relations boutique serving major corporations. She now consults on communications strategy. Her nonfiction titles deal with a wide range of topics, mostly cultural and economic. Several were book club selections and have been used as supplemental reading in undergraduate cultural history courses. She is currently working on Successful Patient: Step-By-Step Strategies To Get The Health Care You Need, which was inspired by her experiences with skull-base surgery in 2016. Her professional memberships include the Authors Guild and the American Historical Association.


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Linda Hewitt

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